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    We're Fair :)


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    We're Fair :) Empty We're Fair :)

    Post by Nami on 19.04.14 8:04

    I'm will restart my stats that mean staff & player are fair...
    Nami is my main account that i need to start it by myself,
    and Mod Nami is the Mod(Rank=4 just now) that i can help players.
    My Mod account will give out free steel armour and some GPs for the newbie.
    Plz contact me ingame(Mod_Nami),
    and i will post up my main(Nami) stats here Razz
    (Started by 19/4)
    Attack: 50/50
    Defense: 50/50
    Strength: 50/50
    Hits: 50/50
    (Last updated 20/4)

    ps. i will keep update it, Enjoy the game everyone!

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