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    Bodo League massacre


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    Bodo League massacre Empty Bodo League massacre

    Post by Kuhn on 11.03.14 16:09

    Haha yong since we were talking about this i did so more research thought id share lol.

    i found this really interesting and disturbing at the same time, but anything history is cool in my book's.

    Combination of documents found online.

    June 28, 1950: South Korea begins Bodo League massacre, murdering at least 100,000 accused Communists

    On June 28, 1950, the Bodo League massacre, the murder of at least 100,000 accused Communists, began under the orders of President Syngman Rhee. Before the outbreak of the Korean War, some 300,000 people accused of sympathizing with the Communists, or who were Rhee’s political opponents, were enrolled in a sham “re-education program” called the Bodo League. Shortly after the war began, Rhee ordered the execution of people involved in the Bodo League or the Workers Party of Korea; the first executions began on June 28 in Heongseong. Mass executions were conducted without trials, often with the explicit sanction of United States military officers; In one instance, a U.S. colonel greenlighted the machine-gunning of 3,500 political prisoners. Bodies were dumped in mass graves, or one a few occasions thrown into the ocean. Even family members of those targeted were killed, including many small children. Douglas MacArthur, a U.S. general and the UN Commander-in-Chief, was informed of the murders but made no apparent move to stop them. At least 100,000 people were killed during a period of about two months, and some estimates are as high as 1.2 million. The South Korean government blamed the massacre on Communists for decades, and did not take culpability until the mid-2000s.


    After the UN offensive in which South Korea recovered its occupied territories, the police and militia executed people who were suspected as North Korean sympathizers. In October 1950, the Goyang Geumjeong Cave Massacre occurred. In December British troops saved civilians lined up to be shot by South Korean officers and seized one execution site outside Seoul to prevent further massacres.[5][16] In 1951 the Ganghwa massacre were conducted by South Korean police. ... after talking about the ganghwa massacre i also searched that lol..

    Google wrote:The Ganghwa massacre (Korean: 강화 양민학살 사건,[1] Hanja: 江華良民虐殺事件) was a massacre conducted by the South Korean forces, South Korean Police forces and pro-South Korean militiamen, between 6 and 9 January 1951, of 212 to 1,300 unarmed civilians in the Ganghwa county of the Incheon metropolitan city in South Korea.[1][2] The victims were collaborators with the Korean People's Army during North Korean rule. Before this massacre, 140 people were executed in Ganghwa in what is known as the Bodo League massacre in 1950.[3]

    In 2003, a history book describing the massacre was published by the Ganghwa Culture Center.[4] On 26 February 2006, the National Archives of Korea admitted a 30 August 1951 official document in which then Attorney General Jo Jinman reported to then Prime Minister Chang Myon about the massacre.[1] On 17 July 2008, the South Korean governmental Truth and Reconciliation Commission acknowledged the civilian massacre.[4]

    Truth and Reconciliation Commission (South Korea)

    In 2008, trenches containing the bodies of children were discovered in Daejon, South Korea, and other sites.[14][not in citation given][7] South Korea's Truth and Reconciliation Commission documented testimonies of those still alive and who took part in the executions, including former Daejon prison guard Lee Joon-young.

    Besides photographs of the execution trench sites, the National Archives in Washington D.C. released declassified photographs of U.S. soldiers at execution sites including Daejon, confirming American military knowledge.[14][not in citation given]

    Bodo League massacre Bodo_l10


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