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    server down again


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    server down again Empty server down again

    Post by Burger on 27.03.14 13:08

    kuhn you need to step ur game up and spend some time on your own server. Your about to lose ur whole community due to you not even spending an hour a day on the server. Its your responsibility to play and get an understanding on how the drop rate numbers work and adjusting them. You also need to let someone else have admin rights so they can run your server if your not going to be on to answer questions and adjust settings. 4/6 of ur everyday most active members are going to leave real quick seeing how you don't care. How can you make changes to the server if you don't know how the server drop rates work? The economy is still getting flooded by dragons, we've had a complete wipe and nothing was even changed with drop rates to prevent another flooded server. Please put a staff incharge that can actively run this server if your plans aren't directed towards playing the server and understanding how the drop rates effect the economy, or create an email at least that you check multiple times a day for emergency's on the server. I understand theres a message system on forums but it seems like you don't check them routinely. We need communication on this forum. Its on YOU to lead by example as the owner of this server bud. You have to care about this server more than your players or it will never work. If there's something going on thats preventing you from checking on the server a couple times a day than tell us on the forums, Its all about communication so we are informed on whats going on. Yesterday the server was down for over 10 hours waiting on a simple reboot. looks like its going to happen again today. I'm worried this server is going to be taken as a joke.
    please please please dont take this as an attack, im only trying to help this server because i love what you have done. im trying to work with you and get this on the right track, i speak for alot of people on here with the issues i brought up. Smile lets work together and make this work Very Happy:D:D:D:D

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