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    Post by Burger on 23.03.14 8:23

    Hey everyone! Finally got on the server tonight! Was instantly greeted by nami which was really welcoming I must say. Got shown around and refreshed up on the portals and the new features that have been implemented, I've played private servers for 4 years off and on so it wasn't too big of a deal catching back up.
    -- just wanted to say I'll be working really hard on getting mining/smithing up to help the new people with some items to get started. I'm currently 56 mining 43 smithing.
    --- Thank you Bear for helping me out with a rune pic and thank you ALOT nami for showing me the new sports you guys have implemented for mining and smithing! I love the server and will be a very active member! If ANYONE needs some armour to start off with just add me and send a message!

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