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    Post by Kuhn on 07.03.14 1:36

    I decided to make this as there are some people out there that would love to play classic however never got the chance. So hes some facts about RSC Very Happy* Also if you would like to add some to the list that would be appreciated *
    ~ RS1 was released to the public on the 4th of January 2001.
    ~ The maximum total level is 1782.
    ~ There are 18 skills in total.
    ~ There are 50 Quests ingame.
    ~ The maximum QP is 112.
    ~ The last quest to be added was The Legends Quest.
    ~ In the early days of RSC there were only regular trees.
    ~ When members was released Oak Trees came out, when Fletching was introduced many more trees came into the game.
    ~ F2P could only chop Regular trees.
    ~ You can "slip and fall" while trying to cut a tree.
    ~ You can still chop trees with a full inventory, causing the log to be chopped automatically dropped to the floor.
    ~ In early days of RSC players had to use their axe on the tree to chop it.
    ~ Only normal logs can be burnt.
    ~ You can burn logs anywhere including banks.
    ~ You must drop the log first then use you're tinderbox on it to light it.
    ~ The experience per log depends on your Firemaking level.
    ~ Before Metal Pickaxes there were only one type of pickaxe.
    ~ Pickaxes couldn't be used as weapons.
    ~ Rocks wouldn't change colour when the ore was already mined.
    ~ You had to use you're pickaxe on the rock to mine it like the Woodcutting skill.
    ~ When metal pickaxes were added you didn't have to use it on the rock anymore.
    ~ In early stages of RSC there were only normal bones and big bones.
    ~ In early days of RSC prayers were divided into 2 sections, "Prayer Good" and "Prayer Evil".
    ~ You can use mage spells while fighting with combat.
    ~ If you fail a spell you must wait 20 seconds before trying again, this includes all spells. Also you do not lose runes for this.
    ~ There is no autocasting.
    ~ Magic was divided into two sections like prayer "GoodMagic and

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